Will You Fit In An Aston Martin Vulcan? Find Out Here

We are all very familiar with the breathtaking Aston Martin Vulcan. It can easily be said that this is one of the best looking machines on the face of the Earth and many would do whatever it takes to call themselves proud owners of one. But have you ever thought if you would fit in one Vulcan? If you are around 6-foot tall than you would definitely need to see these.
This video has been uploaded recently by Lenny the Geeza, and it is an interesting showcase of him, a Vulcan and his attempt to fit in it without a problem. The gorgeous car was brought but one of his friends so they can try and see if Lenny, who is six foot tall, would manage to call himself in the struggle of fitting. As you can see he didn`t have any difficulties entering the car, but when he wanted to get out the real problem appeared.
Check out to see the one and only Aston Martin Vulcan and of course to witness the experiment yourself.