Thief Changes His Mind And Leaves Papa Jones`s Camaro Near A School

So far we have heard numerous stories about car stealing; some of them are very well thought and professional, while the others are amateurs and even funny. In this case we have a guy who made a terrible mistake of stealing a car known by every single person in America.
Let`s make it a bit clearer, we are talking about the Camaro owned by John Schnatter, or as we all know him Papa John. The Chevrolet Camaro was used in numerous advertisements and the entire public was familiar with it. But, apparently there was one person in Detroit who didn`t know. While Papa John was enjoying his time in Detroit, this thief stole his car. When he became aware of whose car he put his hands on, immediately changed his mind and decided to leave the car near one school in Detroit.
Check the video and see the exact location where the car was left. Some people just don`t have luck, right?