Lil Big Rig – Famously Known For Turning Old Pickups Into A Miniature Semi Trucks

If you dream of driving either Kenworth or Peterbilt but you don’t own a commercial driver’s license, well, I would say a few comforting words to you “No worries” because now anyone with a driver’s license can hit the road at least on weekends.
One man, a truck enthusiast has made his very own unique piece of rig down to the size of a pickup by shrinking the original American big rig and recreating it to a micro machine with far smaller dimensions. The man’s name who did this and specializes particularly in creating miniature trucks across the world is Bobb Suffern. He and his female team are the ones held responsible doing this kind of job in making and recreating this kind of miniature pickups for fans all around the world.
He is known to be the real owner of Lil Big Rig having his shop settled in Nashville Tennessee. Lil Big Rig’s has mainly revolved around building conversion kits (and complete trucks) that can literally transform your pickup truck in a miniature truck.
He has already had his name known for doing this kind of job, converting many cars from an earlier time and giving them this far better and newer look than ever. This man can convert your two- wheel -drive Ford F-250 originating from the 1980s-1990 into a full long bed size Chevrolet pickup or in a 1994-2003 Dodge Ram standard cab pick up (either 4X4 or 4X2). What Lil Big Rig does is replacing the old truck body with a fiberglass Peterbilt or Kenworth cab and with a front hood/fender assembly. On top of all, a semi truck -esque and two extra rear wheels are added to make your truck get this new look of a traditional Peterbilt or semi Kenworth.
Its interior is completely revised and has similarities to the cab of a semi. Lili Pete and Lil Kenny kits, both have a full rear sleeper included and with seats or room as well that makes up for an actual bed. It resembles very much to a Peterbilt or Kenworth truck until you can actually see it and make a comparison yourself when being situated next to a Peterbilt or Kenworth and you kind of end up fully shocked that a bunch of clowns isn’t climbing out.
Finally, Bob explained,” We really love our job “. You feel in a middle of a swarm of people when you drive this kind of vehicle. People look at you and your car in amazement and you can’t even go to the gas station without having all the eyes on you, people come and ask you questions where they can actually buy this kind of car you drive.

The basic kits of these cars start at around $12, 950 but many options and accessories are included in the price as well.