An Intense Street Race Ends Up with Lamborghini Overtook by BWWS1000RR Bike!

Right now we are going to present you one hell of a very intense street race that features a BMW S1000RR bike and a Lamborgini. The guy who drove the BMW bike on his way home came across upon the Lambo while waiting for traffic lights. The name of they guy who drove the bike is Max Wrist who has made lots of videos in which he demonstrates so many stunts he performs with his bike. However, not so many of us are agreeable of this behavior of his explaining the road isn’t meant to be an amusement park. But nobody can deny his perfect riding skills and how incredibly comfortable he performs on his bike.
We still can’t say anything for sure about the mystery behind his real name for obviously he wants to keep it anonymous not wanting to put himself in a bigger trouble when posting these videos on the net.
All we can conclude here is that this man is a real menace on the streets with his BMW S1000RR bike. He is capable of hunting down fast supercars like the Lambo and to teach them a lesson, having them complitely humiliated at the end. And when the light turns green, this Italian supercar seems like it has the upper edge and the biker quickly shows off the Lambo who is the real winner here.

He does an overtake with real easiness while performing a wheelie in the process. Total annihilation.