What Happens When A Man Parks His Truck On A Camry?

There are a lot weird things going on around the world but this is the first time I witness something like this in everyday driving through the town. So what do you think would happen to a man who decided to park his monster truck on a Camry?
Now, let`s start by saying that it wasn`t an actual parking, but an escape from a very unpleasant situation. The even takes place in Florida where the driver who is behind the wheel of the trucks stops at a red traffic light. The driver in the Camry behind him took advantage of the situation, got out of his car and approached the truck`s driver. As he got close enough he attacked him through the open window. The truck driver`s girlfriend got upset and scared for their 11 month old who happened to be with them and said that they have a gun. Camry`s driver was even more annoyed at this pointed and headed towards the car threatening to show them what a real gun looks like. At that point the truck driver in order to avoid being hurt put the truck in reverse and run over the Camry.
When the police arrived they arrester the Camry`s driver for driving with suspended license, attack etc. What is your opinion on the situation? Who was right and who wrong?