Five Pre-War Cars Found In Texas Barn


We find these types of discoveries very exciting, because they include some of the best cars of all times. This particular discovery happened on the territory of Texas and five cars from the period before the war were found in this barn.
Among the cars discovered in this Texas barn are 1932 Cadillac, 1933 Cadillac, 1938 Cadillac, 1923 Milburn Electric, 1908 REO and 1937 Kozy Coach Trailer that has only been used twice. The cars are all in different models, all of which are well preserved and quite amazing. After more than 40 years Antonio Burnet, who is the founder of the Motostalgia Auctions, discovered them and in this video he speaks about the entire collection.

If you are eager to find more about this unique Texas barn than check the video and enjoy.