Dodge Owner’s Truck Tries Flying And It’s Disappointing!!

When things are launched into the air they must return back down to the ground. Yes, it is the well-known truth in physics, and it was established as the third law of motion states by Sir Isaak Newton. And of course, the answer to this will be, “because of gravity”. Things return back to the ground eventually because of this force. Whether is something that has been thrown up high in the air or it is someone jumping high as they possibly can, these things always get down eventually because of the gravity of our planet Earth.
In correlation with all these previously mentioned is a story about a Dodge owner who learned this the hardest way when trying to launch his truck in the air being part of this dangerous jump.
The second part of Newton’s law would be the returning of the things down to Earth no matter what. So it will be naturally we expect the truck to ground shortly afterward and we are making these predictions about the driver who will be soon regretting this stupid jump with his truck altogether.
Trucks like his weren’t made for this kind of daring jumps he got into. As simple as it sounds the design of this vehicle wasn’t meant to participate in this kind of jump.
Check out the video below and see for yourself how all went badly for the vehicle and the truck driver himself. Check it out now!!