Diesel 1935 Rat Rod – Ultimate Speed Machine


Trust me when I say to you that this is one of a kind Rat Rod, something that you haven`t seen before. It is so amazing that it cannot be compared to any other Rat Rod or a vehicle for that matter.
At the beginning of the video when the owner and driver explains how amazing it is we hardly believed them because it all sounded too good to be true and also he didn`t give the impression of very reliable person. But later when we saw the car in action all we could do is stare and quietly apologize to the guy.
The engine is another story to be told. It is a twin turbo diesel Rat Rod and even though it looks pretty naïve at first it is a turbo Cummins and it is combination of 63 mm manifold turbo and 88mm primary turbo. All in all we can say that this is the whole package and it is to die for.
Check this unbelievable machine and enjoy.