Cutest Reaction To NHRA First Time !


Can you remember your reaction when you watched a rat rod race for the first time? Well, maybe you can, maybe you can`t. The girl in this video will remember for sure, because it is documented and it became Internet sensation.
So let me begin with something that every guy will notice as soon as he clicks on the link – the girl is super cute and that fact makes the video even more interesting. Now to start on the video itself; the title alone tells us that it is the first time that these girl attends NHRS event and by the fact that she is wearing ear protectors we can assume she is watching something loud. At first she is watching with the whole concentration in this world, almost like if she is hypnotized. But by the end of the video she sees something that makes her jump and scream, followed by laughter.
There is cuteness overload in her reaction and I can guarantee you it is something you wouldn`t wanna miss, so hurry up and check the video on the next page.

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