Can You Guess Why This Biker Is Chasing The Car?


Well the people say that you get what you deserve and here we have a classic example of that. It is weird how this situation passed from one point to the other in just a matter of seconds.
So, as you can see there is a biker who is chasing a car. He only does that because he saw that the person entering the car dropped a wallet and he wanted to give it back. The driver didn`t know that and when he was pulled by the bike, he got angry and flipped the biker off his motorbike. After a few seconds he realized that the biker just wanted to give him his wallet back. After realizing his mistake, the driver started acting all kind and friendly. The biker got back up on his feet and he saw that the driver left his mobile phone on the roof. Instead of giving him the phone too, the biker just dropped it on the ground causing some serious screen damage. He concluded that the driver is not a person who will thank you for your good deed.
Do you think the biker acted rationally?
Check the video and tell us what you think.