Burnouts By 1966 Powered Chevelle On Hot Rod Garage That Will Knock Your Socks Off


We are so lucky to live in time when the world is in our hands thanks to the Internet. If it wasn`t for it we wouldn`t have been able to know half of the things we know and we would have missed the chance to check some of the greatest vehicles of all time.
In this particular article we give special thanks to the crew of Hot Rod Garage because they bring to us amazing muscle cars. If it wasn`t for them we may never get the chance to hear about this amazing cars. So let talk a bit about this video. Now Tony Angelo stopped at Lucky`s shop. He visited this particular place to check the epic 1966 Powered Chevelle and its ABC performance Mini-tub kit. The most impressive part of the car are the tires for sure. They are 315/35/17 big and they made pretty bad-ass burnouts. They will literary knock your socks off.
If you think that I oversell this car than you need to check this video and see it for yourself. Enjoy!