Back In Time with Dale Walksler! The Amazing Lee Roy Hartung’s Collection!


Dale Walksler of “Wheels Through Time Museum” is introducing the Lee Roy Hartung collection of amazing vintage motorcycles. Only this time, his idea is that these motorcycles would be pulled out of the garage and preserved in their original state, even leaving the dust that piled up over the years. These motorcycles are going through Dale’s testing one by one, just to see if they would start running immediately after being kept away for many years.
It is a true treasure of a motorcycle collection consisted of amazing vintage motorcycles such as a 1938 Indian four- cylinder, a 1926 Henderson Deluxe (once the property of the Fire Department), a 1929 KJ Henderson, a 1936 Indian four- cylinder, a 1921 Excelsior very rare and accessorized, a Harley Davidson 45 and many more. Dale also talks about the adrenaline rush he gets when it is time to take these bikes out and test them.

Check this video on the next page and see which will start up right away.