After More Than 40 Years This 1960`s Chevy Dealership Sees The Light Of The Day


It is quite amazing how many legendary cars stay in the dark for a very long time. That is exactly what has happened in Nebraska, to be more precise in the town of Pierce, there a 1960`s Chevy dealership has been opened after four decades. The reopening of the dealership happened thanks to the VanDerBrink Auctions.
Trust me when I tell you that this chance to have a glimpse inside the dealership comes once in a million years and you wouldn’t want to miss it. These amazing cars have just been sitting in the dark for such a long time and they are old and brand you at the same time; some of them are even less than five miles. Among the incredible collection of cars you can spot Chevy Bel Air, Chevy Impala, pick up truck and more. Some of them even have their original package and the sight will take your breath away.

Check the video and see these awesome cars. There is still no information what will happen to all these legendary cars. Do you have any thoughts?