This 1970 Chevrolet Corvette 454 Sportscar Never Gets Out Of Style!

It’s a sports car produced by Chevrolet for the 1968 through 1982 model years with engines and chassis components that are mostly passed by the previous generation. This 1970 Chevrolet Corvette will blow your mind not only for being such a rare look and looking amazingly beautiful today just as 45 years ago. One might even notice that is far better looking now considering the legacy it left behind it
The design will unveil to you that it’s a third generation vehicle the best of all by now. However, it’s something else that makes this car unique and out of this world.
From the design, you can obviously notice that it belongs to the third generation, the best looking one, by far. Still, this car is special for another reason. It has huge Vb 454 Big Block engine placed right under its hood, that is probably the largest motor ever put inside a Corvette to this day. Besides being huge it didn’t produce the expected amount of horsepower, getting only to “just” 390. Taking into account that it is a two -seater and it has this lightweight fiberglass body, the performances are also very good.
But it was never being called a supercar explaining that it was too luxurious looking to be called so. However, it is really a stunning vehicle that we surely wouldn’t mind to buy it today.

If you’re one of those that longs for a simpler time and a sweet ride at the same time, this Corvette Chevrolet might suit you and prove right for you.