$1.000.000 Car Graveyard is the most wonderful thing you will ever see!

When we talk about the worlds car collector, you probably think about beautiful supercars locked away in a big hangar. Well, that would usually be the case, but the automotive enthusiast is totally different.
This guy named Michael Fronlich, a famous former racer from Dusseldorf, Germany. These days, this man works towards discovering vintage rides that would be perfect for his collection. The most interesting thing is that Fronlich keeps his wonderful vehicles in a forest. The worth of his collection is more than million dollars, and you will see that this man doesn’t take care of his vehicles.

This collection includes Jaguar XK120 (worth $170.000), Porsche 365 Racer, and a Buick ($17.000) among the other vehicles. It is such a shame. Check out the video on the next page!